Products for bicycle industry


  • We save punctured inner tubes and repair them
  • Minimum resources needed
  • Cap made of used toy figures (limited edition), later made of oiled wood
  • Social added value
  • Circular dealer system
  • Leakage guarantee
  • Can also be ordered in large quantities

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Basic knowledge sustainability 

Everything's new, everything's confusing, and you have no idea how to get started? No problem, we'll help you.

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Organic bike store

When you go to an organic grocery store, you don't want to buy sprayed apples or cheap meat.

Concept 2.0 coming soon, also and especially for crisis-hit companies.

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New work (booth) concept 

During the pandemic, we developed a workshop concept that gave us back our freedom and self-determination. 

We'll tell you how to do it. Stop running on the hamster wheel, it's pointless.

Earn three-digit salaries per hour as a bicycle mechanic and then go for a coffee with the people who matter to you.

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International, unprecedented, world-changing.

Let yourself be surprised and be part of the change!

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First mover 

Fed up of the industry crisis?

Then do it differently.

You create unique selling points and a time advantage.

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