Change is possible

We are able to solve our global crises.

Here is why and how.

Do you remember the first industrial revolution? 

Nobody of us does, we were not alive, yet. The first industrial revolution took place in the year 1765 in England and then spread to other countries.What happened in the first industrial revolution? They invented the steam engine and the mechanical loom. They put these two inventions into a big room and started a new idea called “factory”.Well, these two inventions did not work alone. They needed workers. They hung a large clock on the wall. Workers did 14 to 16 hour shifts, 6 days a week. Can you imagine that? But, more importantly, another thing changed. Before the revolution, people worked hard, too. But they worked several different things, were more time-sovereign, and were closer to their families. With the revoluton, factory workers suddenly were away from their family, could not decide when to have a break, and carried out the same repetitive activity all day long. Man had to disconnect from himself and from his family. And started to support a system that worked against nature.

In the new industrial lives, nature started to be something besides people. Mankind here and nature there. Not mankind as part of nature any more. To keep the factories running, they had to do two things: Exploit people AND exploit nature. This was the beginning of efficiency, which brought us material wealth. But the workers needed to act against human nature to do this. It is not human nature to carry out the same repetitive activity 90 hours a week. We are all grandchildren of the first industrial revolution. Luckily, we do not work 90 hours a week any more. But the system has not changed at its core. We still exploit people and nature. If people get to expensive here, we hire cheap people there. If nature is damaged here, we dig somewhere else. 

And you might not be aware of this: You obey the factory clock they hung on the wall in 1765. Get to work on time. Bring your kids to school on time. Book an appointment and be on time. Collect your kids at the kindergarten on time. Send in your tax form on time. Look at your calendar if you have time for your partner. The 1765 factory clock is in your subconscious. What do you do if you have a headache an hour before you have to go to work? Swallow a pill. What do you do if your child does not want to go to school? Try to convince him or her to go. Maybe get angry. What if your kids ask you why they have to do this or that? Because it is the way it is. Do you have a dull feeling in your stomach you might have to do something for nature? No time, no energy. Let the big players do the action.

You work against yourself. You are disconnected from yourself. More or less.  

You work against others. You are disconnected from them. More or less.

You work against nature. You are disconnected from nature. More or less.

What do you do, when you are disconnected? You buy a chocolate bar.You buy new clothes. Maybe you buy alcohol or cigarettes. You buy whatever it is, whatever makes you feel a little bit better for a short time. But it does not meet your actual needs. It is just compensation. Compensation keeps our economy running. And it ruins our planet, the only place we have. And it might ruin you as well. 

And talking about the big players: Why should they be interested in changing something?They could not sell the huge amount of products any more. They will not change a thing unless they are forced to by law. It is a fantasy to wait for them to change something. It just costs them money. It seems there is no way out of this. 

But wait, here is the chance:

What if 

… you reconnected to yourself?

… you reconnected to others?

… you reconnected to nature? 

What if the factory clock of 1765 in your subconscious were just an old fantasy? 

What could you achieve? 

Wouldn`t you have a great life? 

Wouldn`t you have better relationships? 

Wouldn`t you have more energy?

Wouldn`t you have the energy to make this world a better place? 

What if everybody reconnected? 

Wouldn`t that be a totally different world? 

A world full of energy. A world full of kindness. A world full of peace. A world with a healthy nature. A world full of whatever you need. Wouldn´t this be a great goal to achieve?

You might have doubts. Don´t we all need to earn money?

The monetary system is an invention of mankind and not part of the natural order. It is up to us to invent more advanced systems or alter existing systems.

Don`t we need new technology? I tell you, the technology we need is available. I will explain in my upcoming articles.

Why are there no other people doing this? I tell you, there are other people. And we can decide to collaborate. And we have the right to vote for change.

But I am scared! Of course you are. But you are able to overcome your fear. I will explain in my upcoming articles. Aren`t you scared too, if nothing changes? 

YOU can change. YOU can move your limits. YOU can eliminate your limits. 

YOU can act. YOU can vote for change. And, most important: 

NOBODY can stop you from doing this, except yourself. 

I decided to reconnect a few years ago. It was the best decision ever. I will not tell you this is easy. It is hell of a task. I will not tell you it will be achieved within a few days or weeks. You need to have a long breath. But imagine you start now with one baby step a day. How far would you go within a year? 

I want to make myself clear: The question of how the future of our kids and our planet will look depends on you and me. 

We can decide to be too weak. Future is not in our hands then. 


We can decide to change. Future is in our hands.

Make your choice. In case you chose you are too weak: Stop complaining. Stop draining energy from the ones who chose change. Do not be surprised if life gets worse. 

In case you chose change, read my upcoming articles, have a look at my website and follow me on social media. You are welcome to write a few lines and I am always open for collaboration.

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