Award out of scrap metal

In a shack with no heating, from a mountain of old bicycles and without money, I created a bicycle concept that works according to the principles of the circular economy and is based on the sustainability goals of the United Nations. For this I received the German Design Award 2024. 

What does Circular Economy mean?

It's about the really important things, not bikes. A healthy planet, your own health, good relationships, peace. The circular economy decouples our lifestyle from finite resources. One could also speak of paradisiacal conditions.

The mirror

I told my industry in a LinkedIn post that it was greenwashing and hiding behind the transport transition. The response was overwhelming and the post went around the world. There were no denials from the industry.

The statement is here.

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Circular cycling I

You can order the original SAYA from me. German Design Award Winner 2024. Nominated for the Green Good Award of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. I save old steel frames, give them disc brake mounts and give them a biological paint in the color of your choice. Then I spoke Black Forest noble hubs into bio-composite-reinforced beech wood rims from Italy and mount Norwegian tires with replaceable skins on them. You shift with an exceptional 8-speed derailleur and brake with vegetable oil. 

Circular cycling II

Learn how to preserve, upcycle and make your bike more circular in my course. This protects your wallet and the environment in equal measure. Used bikes are available all over the world.

Organic Bike Store

Do you run a bike shop or want to run one and have been annoyed by the nonsense that the industry offers you for a long time? Poor repairability, incompatibilities, lack of clarity regarding special spare parts, total integration? Then this is something for you.

Mosch Bike Academy

I have developed a course program that covers sustainability topics with and without a bicycle connection. For trade, workshops and industry. Listed as an ESD actor on the UNESCO website.